Headlines / Notices


Mailing Address:

Frost Township

P O Box 566

Harrison, Michigan 48625

Frost Township is a Zoned Township.

Blight Officer Carl Spencer: 989-630-3126

Address: 7320 N. Clare Ave. Harrison, Mi.

Frost Township Treasurer is Janet Spencer 989-539-7079

Address: 7320 N. Clare Ave. Harrison, Mi.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box. 848

Note: Do not send mail to the Township Hall

      Do not send taxes to Clerk Only send them to Township Treasurer

      The address is on your tax statement

Assessor Jimmy VanWormer is at the Hayes Township Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Phone Number is 989-539-7128 or home office phone 989-389--0841

Township Planning and Zoning meetings.

4-10-2023, 6-12-2023, 8-14-2023 10-09-2023 all at 6:00PM

Frost Township Transfer Station (garbage dumpster) Saturday and Sunday hours will remain the same 10:00 AM to 1:00PM.  New rates will become effective as of June 2, 2021 as follows;

Kitchen garbage bags $1.00

Garbage bags 33 gallons or less $2.00

Construction size bags $3.00

Frost Township Board changed the time for Board meetings from 7:00PM to 6:00PM permanently.